Wayne Hoffman

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em … our roads and bridges can use some help

Supporters of increased fuel taxes and car registration fees have argued for years that higher taxes and fees on drivers and vehicles are the only way to fund transportation infrastructure. Using general tax revenue to fund transportation was not appropriate, they said, even taboo. User fees only, they demanded. Well, the Legislature did something interesting […]

Legislature dropped the ball in not reviewing Workforce Development Fund

I’ve reached a conclusion that lawmakers have all the passion for real answers that O.J. Simpson had in his quest for “the real killer.” Let me back up for just a moment: Imagine that your car isn’t working right. More than half the time you press on the brakes, the car doesn’t slow down. This […]

Knock, knock: Otter executive order on federal funding impact really is a big deal

Gov. Butch Otter’s March executive order is probably the most important public policy action of the last few months. What? You didn’t hear about it? Maybe that’s because the order got nearly zero media attention. It’s perplexing why that is. The order calls for state agencies to delineate all the federal funds they’re getting, and […]

Legislative session was ‘disappointing’ due to no tax relief, more spending

Now that the Legislature has gone home, I am left with just one question: What the heck were they thinking regarding taxes and spending? This Legislature, with a supermajority of Republicans, had ample opportunity to dramatically cut taxes and keep spending in check. It did neither. Gov. Butch Otter proposed $30 million in tax relief. […]

You will be happy to know that the folks in Hollywood need Idaho taxpayer money

Remember, Big Hollywood needs your money more than you do. At least that’s what I hear our state lawmakers saying. The Senate’s commerce panel voted Tuesday in favor of a bill that would keep a tax rebate for the film industry on the books until 2020. The rebate has never been funded even though it’s […]